Monday, 26 September 2016

Testing out Matcha Organics' Matcha

Matcha. It seems like it's all the rage at the moment - matcha ice cream, matcha latte, matcha cakes, matcha smoothies etc. What's your favourite Matcha product?
Matcha is specially grown/processed green tea that has been ground to powder form - meaning that rather than consuming the essence of the leaves, you are taking in the actual leaves themselves. 

Up until recently, I've only had matcha in it's original tea form and in ice cream mochis but when I got sent a packet of matcha from Matcha Organics, I knew I needed to try it in other recipes a lot more. That's when Matcha Organics comes in - they have a free recipe ebook for anyone who may not know how to use matcha in recipes. Recipes range from smoothies to cupcakes to salads, it's fantastic!
I found this matcha to be very good quality although I'm thinking whether it would have been better if it came in a pot because everytime I open the resealable packet, a light puff of green powder greets me.

The packet of matcha from Matcha Organics - Can be purchased here:

The first thing I made when I got the matcha was a coconut matcha latte and man, it was to die for! I have been having a cup almost every single day and found that I'm not craving my mid-afternoon coffee if I have had matcha in the morning.I let some regulars at my shop try it and they told me that it tastes like "Nice" biscuits; now when something tastes like biscuits, it can't be bad. Right? I even converted some people, who normally don't like matcha, into matcha latte lovers so I'm thinking of getting more to put on our permanent drinks menu in the near future.

Coconut Matcha Latte - so creamy and scrumptious!

After a couple of days of making coconut matcha lattes I knew I needed to do something I consulted the free ebook (Download your Top 100 Matcha Recipes Here: and came across Oreo Matcha Cheesecakes. I ended up halving the ingredients for my first batch so that if it didn't turn out great, I haven't wasted too much of the powder.
The result was tasty individual cheesecakes that had a slight earthy tone to it - it was quite scrumptious and my guinea pigs stated that I could even try adding slightly more matcha next time. The slight adjustment I would make would be not to use paper cases but instead use silicone cupcake cases or the cardboard style ones because I found they came out much prettier and resulted in cleaner lines when taken out of the moulds.

A cross section of a Mini Oreo Matcha Cheesecake

One thing's for sure, I would definitely recommend this stuff to anyone and will most likely be buying it again for my shop. 

To get yourself some good quality matcha, you can purchase it here:

Download your Top 100 Matcha Recipes Here: